Sunday, July 01, 2007


What a busy week with doc appointments and my best friend was here visiting.

I had a great week long visit with my best friend....we did not do much but she relaxed and enjoyed the Florida sun. We went out for lunches and dinners and had a really nice time together. She came to my doc appts with me. She made it safely home!

Finally got my Jeep back on Tuesday, such a relief. It is nice to be driving with A/C again.

Four weeks from today we will be in Disney World......I will be renting a scooter and still going to have a great time. It is Marie's (my SIL) first time there and I want it to be great. Aviva is ready to go today!!

I am still in a lot of pain with my back but let me tell you what a help Aviva was yesterday. We had to go to the grocery store so we came home and I was really hurting. One bags handle broke and then climbing the stairs another one broke and I started to cry. She came and got it from and put it by the front door. I put my bags by the door too and went back down for more. While I was getting the bags Aviva carried them all inside and put them on the counter and got the rest I carried up on the second trip and then got me my ice pack. She truly is a very sensitive and loving child.

I am just thankful for my husband and daughter they keep me going...I have been in pain since February and it has not been easy. But they are there to take care and love me. And I can not ask for anything more.


mum2brady said...

Thanks for joining in each week Dori - I love to read your lists.

I'm sooo sorry that your back is still hurting you so badly - I have had back problems before and it is nooooo fun. I pray that something will help soon. I'm so happy that Aviva and Spider are so helpful for you though - that is so wonderful!!!

Glad you got your car with AC back, and that your friend was there visiting - sounds like so much fun!!!

I hope you have the BEST time at Disney :) Take lots of pics for me!!!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful visit w/your best friend!

Thank goodness Aviva was able to help you out w/the groceries - she's a great helper!