Friday, June 29, 2007

It has been a while an UPDATE is in order...

We have been busy this best friend from NY has been visiting and she is leaving tomorrow.

She came to 3 doctor appointments with me this week.

First the eye doctor...needed to go being diabetic. What a nice doc she was..took her time and explained everything to Dawn and I. She said my eyesight is good. But being diabetic you have to worry about retinapothy. I do not have that but the blood vessels around the retina were inflamed and that was because my sugars were fluctuated. There is a name for it but can not remember. So going to a retina specialist July 5th and then back to her July 17th.

The next day off to the pain specialist in the morning. I knew there was not much he can do after the facet block did not work. His recommendation was to see a neurosurgeon.

Then in the afternoon we were off to the orthopedist. I was not expecting much since we had not look with injections. So he too recommended I see a neurosurgeon as well. He gave me some names, of course none were on the insurance. So faxed him alist and he recommended too. So my good friend Audree will come with me on July 18th at 9:30 am!

That is about it for week check up with the cardiologist on the 5th!

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Michelle said...

glad you've been able to enjoy some time with your friend visiting! Hope you get more answers w/the neurologist!