Friday, June 08, 2007

I am definitely getting old...

check out all these doctor appointments:

June 12: Neurologist

June 14: Follow up with the pain doctor

June 22: Consult for Lap Band

June 26: Opthomalogist

June 27: Follow up with Orthopedist

July 5: Cardiologist

July 10: Endocrinologist

I believe that is it unless one doc wants to send me for testing.

I had the epidural yesterday and thought would feel some relief by now but walking today at the orientation for Aviva's camp really hurt and standing and talking definitely was not pleasant. The nurse said could take up to 3 days so hoping it works for me. If not, I am not sure. Endo does not like how it affects my blood sugar....yesterday was a high of 370 today the high got to 478.

I will be bringing my MRI results to the Neurologist to see what he has to say and to discuss nerve testing on legs and the neuropathy of wrists and the carpel tunnel syndrome.

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