Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How AVIVA'S mind works....

Last night we were watching an awards show on ABC. Aviva was playing her game and watching that was until Beyonce came on singing her hit Irreplaceable. Aviva got up to sing and dance along to the song (she is like her daddy when it comes to remembering lyrics),

Well, the part came up to the left to the left. So all the fans were waving their hands to the left along with Beyonce. So Aviva goes mommy they are not waving to the left they are going to the right (very good observing on her part). I explained to her that yes they were going to the left but on camera it looks to the right. She goes NO MOMMY they are going to the right. So again tried to explain and she looked and me and said they are just wrong.

Gave me a good laugh how she was following along!!


AZ Chapmen said...

nice post come vist my blog.

Anonymous said...

She's so cute. I told Chandler about this and I asked him if he wanted to dance in a video with Aviva.

There was a loud "NO" and a smile.