Sunday, June 10, 2007


My grains of gratitude for this week.....thank you to Christine.

*Yesterday as a family we went to a birthday party for a friend of Aviva's...they go all out every year. This year was again Disney but all about water. And had the rock climbing wall too. They had a spread of food like you would not believe and the cake and table were set up really nice. It was nice to the 3 of us. Aviva had a blast. We did not say till the end was late already but they were having fireworks.

*On Friday we had Aviva's camp orientation, she is going to be in the Sparks. And she already knows 4 other girls in her group. So we got meet the cousnelors and found out they go on a trip every week. They swim twice a day once with instruction. Wow what fun she is going to have. It starts tomorrow.

*I have to say that Aviva has been great since I had my epidural on Thursday....she has made the best nurse!! She loves to help. She will get my ice pack and put it on my back or go for things I need. But unfortunately yesterday was torture for me. My back was hurting very throbs. The walking and standing at the party did not help me at all. Was hoping for some relief. Going to Neurologist Tuesday and follow-up with pain Doc Thursday so hoping for some answers.
*Again have to be thankful to Spider for working so hard, taking care of me and the house. We would be lost with out him. It is a good thing he likes to clean,.,...he cooks and irons too!!!
*And I am very thankful to my friends who have helped me out since it is hard without family here. I wish my dad was down here, I am hoping they still are going to aim for next year because it would be great for Aviva to have grandpa here.

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AZ Chapmen said...

Hope she has fun. hope you feel beater soon. come visit my blog.