Sunday, June 03, 2007


Thank you Christine......for the Grains....

What a great week in our household.....we officially have a KINDERGARTEN GRADUATE!!!!!!!!!! It is hard to believe that Aviva finished...she is gettingbig way to f ast for our liking. We are so very proud of her. Hard to believe how far she has come.

Yesterday we were lucky to spendthe ay as a family and went to a concert outdoors...we got to see Maxi Priest and Jeffrey Osbourne as well as a few local artists. We had a great time (will be posting video clips soon). Aviva fell asleep even with all that loud music.

Finally the doctors are listening to me and i will get my epidural on Thursday. That is as long as I have permission from the endocrinologist......because of how high my sugars got the last itme. Hoping for some relief.

I was able to make all my Disney Dining reservations for our trip in November. Got all I wanted and the times. Even booked Aviva into the Sandcastle Club while Spider and I go for dinner for our anniversary at the Californa hoping to get a window seat so we can see the fireworks from Wishes while we eat. It is for our 11 anniversary.

We have a week off before camp starts...looking forward to sleeping in, and spending time with Aviva! We go Friday for camp orientation. We already know she is a bunk with at least 3 of her friends.


mum2brady said...

Thanks for joining in each week Dori! I'm a little behind on my commenting - summer is busy!

Whoo hooo Aviva - big kindergarten graduate - how wonderful!!!

and yayy for all your disney plans! I'm so jealous - I wish we lived closer - I LOVE Disney :) I hope you have a wonderful Anniversary dinner :)

And - I hope the epidural works and your pain is manageable - that is no fun at all :( Thinking of you and praying it will work!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Aviva!!! Chandler's last day of school is today. He didn't have a graduation though.

We are going to sneak into your bag this trip to Disney--k? :)