Thursday, June 07, 2007

I am a BIT worried.....

I went today to have my epidural. I was a bit nervous because I want it to work so badly.

I am so tired of being in PAIN, it affects everything I do in my life. I do not shop anymore because it hurts so much by the time I am done that I am in tears. I worry about when I go places will it be a long walk and can I do it. Or I have Spider come and he drops me off in front and then parks the car. I want my independence back like before.

So I am home from the epidural for a few hours now, and while getting dinner for Aviva ready my back is in the same pain when standing as yesterday. I pray to G-d that this works. The idea of surgery is scary to me. I have no family around to help out. I do have good friends and so grateful for that.

I just hope by the morning I am feeling some relief.

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Anonymous said...

My mom always hurts for a day or so after the epi, and then seems to be better.

How are you doing today?