Sunday, June 17, 2007


Thank you Christine for starting me out on the Grains of Gratitude.....

Aviva has loved the first week of camp. Hard to believe she finished her first week. They had a field trip to Laser Quest. She swims twice a day and does lots of great activities. She loves going and being with her friends. She say she cannot pick just one ctivity because she loves them all.

Spider and Aviva went to Walmart together yesterday for me...gave them a list and they were gone almost 2 hours. But they had fun and she got McDonalds so not bad for her. I enjoyed the quiet time.

My friends have been great this week. Just helping me out by taking Aviva to and from camp. Making it easier for me so I do not have to walk much.

I am thankful for Spider keeping the house clean and doing all the dishes (since the dishwasher broke). Makes it easier on me when he knows I cannot do it.

And we are very thankful that we can celebrate Father's Day with Spider...we are not doing much but we are together and that is most important. He will probably take Aviva out to the pool or Chuck E Cheese. First he went off to the gym!!

Great news for Spider...he picked up 2 gigs per weekend...,so know he will have 3 per weekend. Will definitely help us do some stuff around the house. And we can go see him play since it is at a restaurant down on the water in Fort Lauderdale. Hoping to go next wek. We love to see him play!

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AZ Chapmen said...

sounds like a good week. Do y know how to get the picture or grains of gratitude