Friday, July 06, 2007

TODAY is Friday.......

so for me it must mean another doctor's visit. Yes I had an appointment with a retina specialist today and it was very long.

I was there for almost 4 hours. The first hour or so they working on insurance, have no clue why when they had all my info ahead of time.

Then the nurse/tech finally called me in and asks lots of questions, takes the pressure in my eyes, tests them and then dilates them.

OK now off to another waiting room to wait till eyes are dilated and then some.

Finally called into see the doctor. He checks the eyes and looks some more. Then says my optic nerve is inflamed and there is blood in my eyes and he needs to find out why.

OK back to the waiting room and have to give permission for this test where they inject dye into my arm to get to my eyes, so I do...wait some more.

Called back by the eye tech who first takes some more info and then does an eye scan. Then off to do the other test like an angiogram to see where the dye goes. She started to inject the dye in my right arm but blood vessel would not cooperate and it hurt so over to the left arm and it worked. She got some good pictures and then we were finished.

Back to the room so the doctor can view the pictures. So finally we are getting some where.

The doc comes in and says it seems there is something going on and the blood is not going where it is suppose to and there is blood in all 4 quadrants of my eye. So now he wants to send me for blood work...a few different tests. And then, an MRI of my brain and orbits with and without contrast.

So will call Monday to schedule the MRI and go to the primary to give blood---oy vey will it ever end.

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Michelle said...

oh my goodness, it's been one medical thing after another for you - I'm so sorry! I hope they can schedule you soon for the MRI so you can get some answers. What a long day at the doctor's!