Sunday, July 15, 2007


Another week of summer has gone by and boy it has been very hot this week. I stayed inside enjoying the A/C.

*I am thankful to have had 2 good doc appointments this week. Both doctors were happy with my health and progress I have made. Blood pressure is normal with the help of Micardis and my Blood Sugars are doing much better.

*Aviva had a great week in camp and she is having a terrific summer...swimming twice a day and being with her friends makes her happy.

*Aviva is so excited because we leave in 2 weeks for Disney with Auntie Marie. I am just a bit worried due to my back and renting a scooter. We are going to meet up with friends who live in the area and who will be at Disney the same time as us!!! So should be fun.

*I am enjoying my class I am taking this term and have a great professor. I also registered for the fall. Taking another class on autism-Intervention for Students iwth Autism Spectrum Disorders, I am almost done with the classes for the endorsement and taking the Characteristice and Needs of Students with Developmental Disabilites. I think will really like them both.

*I am grateful to my friend Audree who will be coming with me on Wednesday to my appointment with the neurosurgeon. She is a nurse and I can use the help.


mcewen said...

Sounds like it's all on the up and up!
Best wishes

Michelle said...

sounds like another great week!

Thanks for the bday card you sent Kayla! She enjoyed it and kept saying "again" LOL

mum2brady said...

Thanks for joining in Dori - and finding some great things to be grateful for, even when you are in so much pain!

I pray that your appointments will bring you some answers and that the docs will find a way to get you some relief!