Sunday, July 08, 2007


What a funny child I have lately. We are driving in the car and she tells me when she is 18 she knows how she will break up with a boyfriend. I said, oh really how and she goes very seriously, I will DUMP HIM. Gave me a good laugh and I go how will you know how do it. Aviva goes I will practice. Then she asked me later on if she can have TABLE TOPS for dinner. I said what and she repeated TABLE TOPS. I go you mean TATER TOTS. She definitely is fun to be around, and has many funny things to say, Makes my day.

Aviva has really improved in swimming since lessons last summer. Yesterday Spider said she was swimming like a fish in the deep end. And now has been in her bathing suit all day waiting for daddy to get home.

Spider has been training for a new position and studying really hard and working tons of hours. But passed his tests with all A's. I am very proud of him.

I still have more doctor appointments this week but thankfully just follow-ups with the endocrinologist and the cardiologist. Must say my blood pressure has been great at about an average of 110/50. It has been a tough few weeks with me and just hoping for a nice smooth week.


AZ Chapmen said...

you have a funny daughter. come see what I been up too.

annb said...

I found your site through Brady's Bunch and Grains of Gratitude! Your Aviva sounds like a lot of fun! Isn't it amazing how quickly they learn such grown-up lessons? I enjoyed reading your Grains and will come back for a visit again. I have not visited before, so don't know about medical issues, but hope all is well with you. Sounds like a good blood pressure, so if that was a problem it sounds like you're handling it well.

Michelle said...

oh that is so funny that Aviva said she will practice on how to break up with a boyfriend!

Congrats to Spider on his tests!