Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Can you feel the VIBES???

IF you live in my house you would hear that word a lot. And that would be from my DH, Spider. Everything is about the vibes. He is a musician (a good one too) and will get the VIBES for a new song at 4 am and get up and sing into the handy tape recorder as not to forget those VIBES. Mind you, this can happen anywhere and at anytime.

Before Spider, I rarely used the word. Since we have been together now for so long I have used that word more in my life then the 25 years before I met him. It is all about the VIBES.

Now you can go on any message board, email group or just about anywhere and you will see or hear can I get some good luck VIBES...or get well VIBES....or VIBES for just about anything. And I am wondering when all this started.

1 comment:

Lori said...

Bahahahaha!! I DO think we'd have some ambulance VIBES if he woke me at 4 am singing into a tape recorder! It'd sound like something for marilyn manson!

You've gotten me using VIBES alot more than I ever did!