Friday, July 28, 2006

This child is making me go GRAY PREMATURELY

How can a face like this make me so scared like she did this morning. She thought she would get up when I was out of the room talking to Auntie Marie. I came back and she was gone. We were calling her name and searching all over for five minutes. Inside of the house and outside of the house, and still no Aviva.
Finally after what seemed like an eternity went back by the kitchen and who was sitting there laughing underneath the light switch. Yes you guessed right, AVIVA. I got angry with her and she cried. I told her there is no reason to cry, you know what you did. So she cried and cried and finally she stopped and apologized to Marie and I.
What a way to begin my morning which started off with a headache before all this. But then Aviva made us laugh. She asked if I had any money because we are going out to dinner tonight. I said no you will have to wash the dishes, Aviva goes but mommy my tummy will be mumbling. And we laughed. She did not like that. I told her it was cute but she says, mommy I do not want to be cute I want to be beautiful.
Aviva is something. Hard to believe she had such a rough start!!! Posted by Picasa


Michelle said...

Oh that would have given me quite a scare too! Glad to hear it was nothing but her hiding on you!

Michelle said...

PS...meant to say she is cute AND beautiful!

CurvyDiva said...

OO - my mom would have paddled my rear end....Glad times have changed - LOL! Glad she was just hiding - you never know these days with the whole Elizabeth Smart thing.

Trish said...

OH I would have been mad too! I am glad she was just playing...whew!

The pics of her and her Auntie are priceless!