Saturday, July 15, 2006


I truly wish I had an answer for this question. I have had my syllabus a week before class started, knew exactly when everything was due. But do you think I took advantage of this? If you answered NO you would be correct. I had a paper due by midnight tonight (this is online class on Assessment for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder). So when did I start it but 9:30 pm last night. But I know if I got on a roll I would have it done in no time. This was not a research paper so it was a bit easier. Had one page finished last night with many interruptions. But this morning woke up and cranked out almost 4 more pages. I knew I could do it but why do I is the question.

Tomorrow I will be starting to work on my research paper...I need a lot more time for this paper. But thankfully only has to be 7 to 10 pages long. I think I can I think I can...send me all those good VIBES you can!!

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