Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It is very SAD...

for me to watch the news these days (well it almost always is, isn't it). I hate to hear what is going on with Israel and the surrounding areas. I am not sure how they can work things out when dealing with a group like Hezbollah and Hamas. Someone needs to take control but who, who will they listen too. Speaking to a close friend last night, it does not matter what Israel does, they do not want the Jews there. And that is the mentality of the people in the middle east, but not all thankfully. So Israel agrees to a cease fire, they get back their kidnapped soldiers and release some of the prisoners, then what will happen? Do you think there will be peace? Will everyone just get along? I believe there still will be homicide (not suicide) bombers. I truly wish there was an answer to have peace in the middle east. Listening to something now, extremism needs to be met with modernism. The groups bombing Israel are extremists that is the issue, how can they be stopped?

I hate seeing all the innocent people losing their lives on both sides. Do they realize why this happening? I wonder what they see and hear about why this is happening.

But then hearing from friends in Israel not in the area they are going on with life like usual. Going to the pool with the grandparents, going to the zoo and playground. Life has to go on.

I want peace, but I am only one person. I hope this ends quickly and they all can live in peace in the middle east. But knowing how long this has been going on for (basically since the 1920's) I am holding on by a tiny thread that there can peace.

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Lori said...

HUGS Dori... I know how strongly you feel about this.

I wish there were an easy answer to all of the mess, but there isnt... HUGS!