Thursday, July 13, 2006

Getting up in the morning-Why is it so difficult?

I have been having this problem with Aviva. Well, it does not help she is fighting to go to sleep every night. Do you want to know why? According to Aviva, there are monsters and ghosts in her room. But of course I explained to her when she is at camp I sprayed tons of the Go Away Monsters and Ghosts Spray so they were all gone. Not sure if that went over very well. I think she is doing it to be able to sleep in our room. She finally started sleeping in her room about 7 weeks ago. It was going so well and all of a sudden she claims she misses me and needs to be with me. And she comes in our room but do you think she goes to wake Daddy up and asks him if she can come into our bed. If you said NO, you are correct. She feels it is necessary to wake me up. But when I say NO to her, for some reason she takes that as a yes and climbs into bed with us. And of course she hogs my whole side, so picture me hanging on for dear life.

So this morning, time to get Aviva up and never guess where she is, yup my bed. And she is not getting up so I have try everything. Well, Aviva if you do not get up, I am wearing your clothes and going to camp and you can stay home and write my paper. No movement yet, wait saw something move, her breathing. Ok then, no Burger KIng or McDonalds tomorrow (I take her on Fridays). OK I see a little movement. She is thinking Mommy you cannot be serious I need my fast food fix. Finally, have to go to the last resort, out comes the tickle finger. Guess what? It worked very well and did get some good laughs. And finally after 8 minutes she is up and ready to face this world!

Now if there was an easy solution for getting her to stay in her bed and being easy to get up in the morning (of course she is up bright and early on the weekends) PLEASE send them my way. I can really use them.


Trish said...

I would love to offer some suggestions. Since she is 5 1/2 she can understand and comprehend a lot of things.

So what you will have to do is be consitent for one and get hard nosed. When she comes into your room to get into bed with you, say no and take her back to her room. Tuck her in and sit with her for a minute. Then go back to your room. If she does it again, take her back. Repeat this process and in a week I a sure it will stop.

You need to explain this to her before you start. If she is scared get her a night light or a flashlight to make her feel safe. I am sure there will be crying (there is always crying lol) but you have to be consitent.

She knows right now that she can do it, because your to tired and have to work in the morning. You might want to start this process on Friday night that way it wont be to hard on you. Because it could take a week.

For her to get up in the morning, get her an alarm clock. Go to the store and let her pick out one. Disney princesses or favorite color. Tell her how she is going to be a big girl and help you by doing somethings by herself. The night before, let her choose her clothes and set her clock. You can go in her room to start to wake her up 15 mins before the alarm so it wont be a startle for her. This worked for my now 15 year old. I am sure it will work for her.

By the end of the week or however long it takes to get her do these 2 things, have a reward. Something she can work towards. There has to be something that she would love to have.

Good luck and I will be back to check on you and see how your doing!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Thanks Trish, I am going to have to do this. I appreciate the advice.

Lori said...

You can change the door knob around so it locks from the outside.. lol.. I am kidding Dori, I wish I knew how to get her to stay... she has a pretty cool room, have you ever let her pick out her room theme and let her help you pick everything out? Help you walpaper, border or paint, etc.. hopefully to make her really feel like it's hers!
Or my old suggestion.. you can spider can sleep in her room and give her yours, lol..

Hugs Love!

Anonymous said...

As was said above it is just patience and not giving up. I know it is easier to let her in your bed in the middle of the night but then you never rest.
Try with a little reward each night to start with so if she manages to stay in her room she knows in the morning there is a reward.
I know it is difficult but it can be done. I spent over 1 month spending time sat on my son's floor in the middle of the night waiting for him to settle again. Several times a night to start with but if you perserve it gets better.
Good luck