Thursday, March 29, 2007

CHANGE of plans and an update on blood test results

Going for my Endoscopy today..they changed the location, it is at 11 am. I am a little nervous. Tomorrow I go for the echocardiogram.

My blood pressure was slightly better not great but 150/84.

My White count was high but he believe of 2 smal cellulitus on my leg so on Keflex for that.

The thyroid numbers were good.

A1c was high but knew it would be. Going to the Endo on April 25th.

Some things on under the CBC were high--the RDW was slightly elevated and the absolute neutrophils were very high. Forgot to ask about this but he did not bring it up.

My cholesterol was over all good if I was normal but I am diabetic and they want the LDL lower. So going to need a med for that.

The big thing is the liver he want to do a whole blood panel on it. I am also going to have US OF it.

Due to the Bumex (diuretic) I am now done 23.8 lbs since March 12th. I still am retaining lots of water.

Any prayers would be appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Dori I am sorry you have been feeling so sick. When you feel better I have tagged you.