Monday, March 26, 2007

Just sad and tired....very tired.......

I am so tired all the time...not sleeping is killing me. I get maybe 3 hours a night, if I am lucky. I fall asleep and then will wake up and cannot go back to sleep.

My lower back and the muscle right below hurt so bad. I am getting therapy and finally had to call the doctor for some pain meds and muscle relaxer. You would think would make me sleep but just doesn't. That muscle is so tight...walking and standing hurt.

I go to the cardiologist tomorrow and I am very nervous..not sure if they will do any tests but scared. And have the endoscopy Thursday.

I am tired of being tired, tired of not sleeping and tired of just feeling bad.

One positive thing...lost another 4 lbs this week so a total of 15 1/2 lbs in 2 weeks.

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Michelle said...

I'm so sorry you haven't been sleeping well and are in so much pain! Hoping you get some answers soon.