Thursday, August 17, 2006

Aviva's FIRST homework..

She was so proud to tell me that she had homework and could not wait to start it. I was not sure who was supposed to do the writing...her or me. But she wanted to do she did. Aviva was very proud of herself when we finished.

She had another great day except she had some thinking time (think time out but putting it in a positive way). She came to me yesterday and told me she had a time out, and we discussed what you should do and behave in class. She promised she would have a thumbs up day. The teacher told me today about what happened and I explained Aviva told me and she thought that was good. She told me she likes to call it thinking time not time out. So Aviva kissed me goodbye and promised to have a terrific day.


Trish said...

WOW what a great job she did on her homework!


Michelle said...

What fun homework! How great that she was excited about it too!

I like the thought of calling it thinking time instead of time out -I'll have to remember that one!

CurvyDiva said...

Cute! Looks like a great job!