Monday, August 14, 2006

The FIRST day of KINDERGARTEN was here...

Finally we finished counting down till Aviva started Kindergarten. She has been so excited. She went to be early last night and woke up in a great mood and was ready to go. She was very happy to finally be going. In the car she did not stop talking about Kindergarten and what she would be doing. We get to her classroom early so she had to sit outside and wait and wait some more. She asked why we have to wait outside and I explained those are the rules. We went right in and the teacher greeted her by name and off we went to find her table with her name. She put away her lunch box and school bag and was ready to go. She started to color and seemed happy, and then said mommy this is a huge classroom. I said yes it is and look at all the great stuff you can do. Finally it was time for me to go and she was looking sad but gave me a big kiss goodbye and I left. That was tough but I was so proud of her.

I went to pick her up and what a dismissal due to the thunder and lightening that started right before they were suppose to get out. So we could not pick them up at the gate back to the car to get in line. It took a very long but it was the first day.

Then finally Aviva comes out and looked so happy. She talked non-stop of what she did today. She went to the meeting place (carpet area) and discussed the calander. She told me all about music and recess without taking a breath. And then explained she was the teacher's helper and got to give out green crayons(behavior plan is green, yellow and red crayons..she said she does not want yellow or red crayon they are not good). Glad she knows that. All in all it was an AWESOME day.

Well, what more can I ask for. Let's hope tomorrow goes just as smoothly.

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CurvyDiva said...

Oh Dori-I know its hard. I remember my mom crying when she took me on my first day. Since I am not a SAHM, taking A to Nain's every day is torture and I KNOW she LOVES him more than anything- can't think when he has to go out in the world.

Michelle said...

So glad to hear the first day went so well ... and wow was she excited! That's awsome!

Cathy said...

Whooo Hoo!!
it is exciting isn't it???

Wejust have a few more days until first grade. Hard to believe they were those little tiny preemies!