Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What do you say to your innocent child?

When a child at camp goes up to her and says...I do not want to play with you because you are black. Aviva told me this happened at camp (she did not tell me till yesterday and camp is over). This child was 5 years old. Where would this child learn this but from her parent(s). How sad is it that my child had someone say something like that to her. A child who is so compassionate, innocent and loving of everyone. I felt so horrible that she has to experience this at such a young age. I explained to her that if someone says something like that to you again you need to tell an adult right away. And you do not need a child like that to be your friend, because she is not very nice.

I am just sad.


Michelle said...

How very sad that a child so young would say something like that - especially as a reason to not want to play! I worry about Kayla encountering this type of prejudiced too, but of course for different reasons. It does make me sad. Kids are supposed to be innocent and not judge! Well neither are adults, but unfortunately that happens too :(

Trish said...

I have been there with Susan and it is hard. I just had to give lots of hugs and say that it isnt her fault and try to explain why the little is that way.

If you ever want to chat I am sbycouple at yahoo.

We have a lot in common! HUGS!

1girl2boys said...

That is very sad, I'm so sorry there are people like this in our world. My daughter has had questions because of her skin color but thankfully nobody has been mean to her. I pray it is never an issue for my kids.

CurvyDiva said...

Poor Aviva...Since Asher got my pigment (at least for now) and we live in DC (where mixed race is common) - I am not sure how kids will react. I guess we shall see. DH, BIL and SIL dealt with it - it was really bad in Germany.