Friday, August 18, 2006

We finished the first week of Kindergarten...

and Aviva loved it. I wish you can see her face when she comes out at the end of the day. Her smile can light up a whole city! Makes me feel so good that she is loving it. She had a great week and earned 5 happy faces so on Monday she can go to the treasure chest!!!!

Today they went on a hunt through the school to find the gingerbread boy...based on a book they read. Aviva told me they saw his foot prints and some other signs and eventually they found him in the office. She loved it!!! And she lvoed she got homework twice this week. Her teacher is so nice and Aviva really likes her.

Since Aviva a had a good week and we were going out for my birthday I told her she could pick the restaurant, she decided on Bahama Breeze. So that was where we went. Aviva got her usual chicken, fries and a diet coke...yup a diet coke taking after her mommy!!

Guess where we are going tomorrow? Yup Coldstone again...I have a coupon (thanks to Michelle) for a free Love it creation for my birthday.


Michelle said...

So wonderful to hear that she had such a great week of Kindergarten; sounds like she is really enjoying it and learning!

Enjoy your Coldstone ice cream! :)

Trish said...

YAY what a wonderful week!

We just got a cold stone here and I cant wait to try it!