Friday, August 04, 2006


Aren't those what we wear so we are not embarrassed? Well, Aviva walks in my room naked like the day she was born. Mind you she is very cute and has nice tan lines, but I did ask her where are your clothes? She of course gave a long list of reasons why she is not wearing her clothes from---they are itchy, did not want to get crumbs on them, I am hot, I like to be naked. OK, so how do you respond to that? I explained that you need to wear clothes it is just what we do, Aviva did not like that and proceeded to march right out of the room still naked. I called her back and said what happens if someone comes over they will see you naked. She could careless and said she would go to her room.

So here I am hoping no one comes over and daddy comes home soon to tell her to put clothes on. Because obviously I am having no affect on her. As she is now riding her bike naked, UGH!! What to do????????


Michelle said...

oh what a silly girl!

Trish said...

*giggle* Isnt that cold on her tooshy riding the bike nakey!

Oh momma you have your hands full! TeeHee!