Monday, August 28, 2006

Here we go AGAIN...

I dropped Aviva off at school this morning and pulled into the Publix shopping center at 7:50 am and it was crowded. Seems everyone (I usually go Monday am) was getting ready for the visit from ERNESTO. There was no water (the gallon variety) left on the shelves. But I had some already, lucky for me.

Right now it is a tropical storm but they believe when it goes over Cuba and gets into that nice warm water it may be a Cat 1 when it gets to the Keys and South Florida. Have a feeling school will be cancelled for Aviva if not tomorrow then Wednesday.

Sent Spider to get gas because there were lines already. He filled my Jeep up last night.

So the waiting begins and the non-stop coverage on the local channels starts.

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Trish said...

OH No please stay safe! Keep us posted as to whats going on!