Friday, August 11, 2006

Meet the TEACHER day..

Finally the day came where Aviva can see her new school Central Park Elementary and meet her teacher. She was excited all morning and asking is it time to go. Finally it was time and she was yelling at daddy to come on you are to slow.

We get to the school and it was packed. Not only the school the grass outside the school and people were parking across the street in the shopping plaza. We got lucky and got a close spot. Aviva is so anxious telling daddy to hurry and get her out of the car. We get out and go to the list of students to find out her teacher. She has Mrs. Gonshak, we then proceed to the cafeteria to buy some school shirts and a school folder. We are finally off to her class, we ask someone because we have to no clue the layout of the school. That is where find out Aviva's teacher was teacher of the year. I now do not have to worry about this year.

We get in the class after meeting the teacher and Aviva is off exploring the different areas after we found out she is at Table #1. The classroom is huge and I believe 19 to 20 students in the class. We had a folder with lots of info in it to take home. Mrs. Gonshak explained somethings and will tell more at Open School Night. She talked for a few minutes and then invited all the students to the carpet area and she read a story and gave each child when finished a hand with a chocolate kiss.

Aviva seemed happy and believe it or not shy too. She is quiet at school not like how she is at home. We then went to Target this afternoon to get the rest of the school supplies and now we are ready for Monday.

It is hard to believe that my little 3 pound preemie is starting kindergarten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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