Thursday, August 24, 2006

Explain to me PLEASE...

Why my child is an angel at school..helpful, kind and happy. She is excited to go and learn. Comes home happy. After a bit of time some devil child took over her body, mind and voice!! Let me tell you Aviva's time out chair was very happy today!!! It got quite a bit of usage. And I am sure everyone else heard her screaming, crying and carrying on.

I asked her when she was calm, do you think Mrs. Gonshak would like to see you behave like this. And she said NO!! She promise to behave the rest of the day and tomorrow because she knows how close to losing Burger King (she gets it on Fridays) she is right now.

Yesterday Aviva came home with a letter saying we have an IEP (for those who do not know it is Individualized Education Plan). From Jan 2005 to June 2005 Aviva was in a special eduction preschool due to her needs from being a preemie. They told me in the last IEP meeting that she will be discharged and that was it. I then found out this morning that was not true. So she is labelled with Developmental Delays (I believe labels are for Campbell Soup cans only). So that means her IEP from Jan 2005 is still on file and good for 3 years. So we will meet on Sept 6th, and discuss that they will keep it open and monitor Aviva. It means she will not be getting any services and they will stay in touch with her teacher to make sure she is fine. I am not worried at all. I just wish I knew why she was not discharged, when she was not in the program.


CurvyDiva said...

We call A - Basher when he turns into "evil screaming baby" when he gets home. I know for him he is just tired, but still - Nain gets all the good baby and we get Crankasaurus Rex!

One good thing is that Aviva ever does need services, she has an active IEP. I know it can be hard getting an IEP to begin with - so maybe its a good thing. I know she won't need any services.

Michelle said...

Kids always behave better for others then they do their parents don't they!?

We're only on our first year with IEPs, so I don't have a lot of advice about them, but it seems strange to me that this IEP is still on file and "good" for 3 yrs. I don't understand how that is possible to keep it for 3 yrs? I thought it had to be updated every year to change goals and such? Hmmm...sounds like she should have been discharged too!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Michelle you are right..they have to write new goals. The problem is she never was officially discharged (when they told me she was or maybe not in those words) from the program and was not in public school last year for Pre-K. So we will meet and discuss how they just want to monitor her.

Sandra said...

You could have been talking about my daughter LOL

I always tell her to imagine that I'm Mrs Doner, and to behave for me the way she does for her. Angel at school....Terror at home...go figure LOL