Sunday, September 17, 2006

GRAINS of gratitude....

Today I post five things I am grateful for over the past week....this comes from Christine.

1.) I am grateful for the success Aviva is having in Kindergarten and how independent she has become. This morning she got up early did not wake me, got dressed and got herself breakfast. Ok, it was not a breakfast but she tried it was Philly Swirl ice cup.

2.) Spider saved us a ton of money by fixing the dryer and not needing a service call.

3.) I am grateful for the friends that help my family out when I have no one to watch Aviva. It is hard to be here without family.
4.) I am grateful that I will soon be given the opportunity to volunter in an ESE class.
5.) One of the most grateful things is that for the first time in so VERY long that we sat down at the table as a family this whole week and ate dinner. It made me feel really good inside. Spider has not been home for dinner for months and now that his hours changed we are trying to do this everynight.

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Michelle said...

This is a great list from this past week! How wonderful that you all had more time to sit down to dinner together! That's such a special time - we (pretty much) always have dinner together too. It's a nice way to wind down at the end of the day.