Sunday, September 24, 2006

GRAINS of Gratitude......

I started this after I found it on Christine's-Brady Bunch blog.

Here are mine for the week:

1) That we spent Spider's birthday together as a family and we celebrated by going out to dinner.

2) Aviva is not coughing like she was Monday...the albuterol syrup really helped even if it made her like an energizer battery.

3) I am actually getting my papers for school done and not waiting for the last day to do them and getting 5/5's on them.

4) That I have the time to be able to volunteer every week in Aviva's classroom and be one of the three room parents for her class. Next year I will be teaching and want to help as much as I can this year.

5) I am very grateful for my husband. Spider is patient, loving, caring and an amazing father. He works so hard for us and never complains. He is a talented reggae musician. He sings, dj's, plays keyboards and writes his own music and lyrics. He and Aviva have such a great time together...they both love to watch Spongebob and laugh hysterically when they do. They love to tell secrets to each other and just have fun.


Michelle said...

What a great list! sounds like you have a keeper of a husband too! :)

mum2brady said...

What a wonderful list - and happy belated birthday to your hubby :) Sounds like he is the BEST :) Thanks for joining in!