Friday, September 08, 2006

The IEP Meeting....(freebie at the end)

Hmmm is what I have to say. Now I have been through these a parent and as a teacher so it is nothing new to me. I really wanted to hear what they had to say before I made my comments.

They started off with her present level of performance..which according to observations and informal testing she is doing well. It surprised me about what they said about her number skills...she counted independently to 10 with her teacher (but not sure what they asked...she can count to over 100). They said she had issues one to one correspondence but I know she can do that she does it with me..which I explained.

Then they commented on her drawings..they are simple and do not show much me is fine...she does not like to color, I believe more like a chore for her so that explains that.

According to observations, she is a very happy little girl and enjoys being in school. She participates in large and small group activities. It is apparent Aviva likes to please her teacher and tries very hard. But had been observed that she does not like loud noises and Aviva is loud, so not sure about that. I know does not like the vacuum but that is it.

She follows the classroom routine with verbal prompting (this was observed the 2nd and 3rd week of school). She can follow a visual schedule. They said given verbal directives Aviva requires redirection (I found this hard to believe too, and if you know her you would too..with me or anyone else she follows directions w/o a problem. Sometimes need to say it more then once because she is not listening or does not want to do it..which is normal). And she needs reassurance that she is completing a task correctly, but being in the class now I see most of the children are like that.

So after that they came up with 2 goals:

1. Aviva will be able to independently follow one step verbal direction the first time it is presented to her with 80% accurancy in 3 out of 4 trials across school settings.

2. After directions are given, Aviva will independently attempt new tasks in 3 out 4 opportunities across school settings.

There are short term instructional objectives for each using different levels of prompting. They believe she will meet these by December when we meet again.

But what is funny is she can do all these things and was doing it last year. And I did say that but they did not observe it...lets think it is a new school, new teacher and knows no one in the class. Maybe that plays apart in it..but I kept that to myself.

On her IEP it says that she will not receive services but there will consultation between teachers. Also, if you go into the classroom this IEP I bet can be applied to almost all of the children.

So going to wait and see, I know Aviva and she will show them!!



Michelle said...

wow that sounds, like you said, like it would describe any child in that age group! Kids don't always do things the first time asked...especially if there is a lot going on - distractions and new environments. It bothered me so much on Kayla's evals when they said she wasn't doing some such thing and I said she does do that; but it wouldn't "count" if THEY didn't observe it at the time they were doing evals. Those things are so subjective - at that moment in time maybe the child just doesn't want to participate with what you're asking. Oh well, YOU know what she's capable of - that's what matters! :)

Thanks for the freebie - I was able to get it, but your link doesn't work. There is a space between . com I just took the space out and it worked.

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...


You are so right..that is why observations should be done over a period of time and during different times. It amazes me they do not do that. You can be sure when I do IEP's I will be doing that.

Thanks I fixed the link!

RNP said...

I agree with both of you about the observations.

Today, Elainah's teacher came with her new teacher--Miss Lisa, who we had all last year was promoted to the director of the EI program so we have someone new.

They were 30 minutes late--ugh!

When the new teacher began asking about her and observing her skills, Miss Lisa repeatedly remarked that Elainah just barely qualified for EI.

Hello---she has Down syndrome---it seems rather obvious to me that this would automatically imply a need for services. That is not how our state works.

As they continue to discuss she mentions that she doesn't believe Elainah will qualify at her next evaul because she is just too active, mobile, and doing so well.

Educational systems intended to aid our children in getting a better education--more services--never cease to amaze me.

I am glad that your outcome was at least not as overwhelming as some. I hope her school year runs smoothly :)