Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What is happening in this country.......

We may not all agree with the war and sending our men and women to another country but they should at least have a right to a respectful funeral. But that is not happening in different places across this country of ours. Reading this article made me very angry. I first heard about these protest on CNN and thought something has to be done. These people protesting are angry at the freedom we have in this country and are taking it out on our service men and women who deserve all possible RESPECT because they lost their lives for our country. The bill is H.R. 5037 this bill will make this illegal but Kentucky believes it is going to far with freedom of speech.

I believe in freedom of speech but these evangelical religious activists are taking it way to far. If you do not like laws then when it is election time speak out but not at a funeral.

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Michelle said...

That is disgusting! They say these soldiers' deaths are a sign of God punishing America for accepting homosexuality?!?! What in the world?! One has nothing to do with the other. I can't believe this group is from a church and are behaving like that at funeral servies. How sad.