Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Headache, Headache go away...and a bit of good news......

It has been a very long day. I woke up this morning with a horrible headache. Thankfully, my neighbors graciously offered to take Aviva to school with their son this morning. Made it a bit easier for me. On top of the headache it basically has rained all day here in Florida. Hoping I sleep better tonight.

Some good news....my July trip to Disney is booked and we are staying at Boardwalk Villas http://allearsnet.com/acc/faq_bwv.htm also check out the pictures at the site too ..I cannot wait. We can take the boat to Epcot and MGM. And has a great pool and located in a great area. Hoping my SIL from Jamaica can come because I want to treat her to Disney. Imagine she has never been. I broke the news to Spider we are going back again for the 3rd year in a row the week after Thanksgiving and staying at Port Orleans French Quarter http://allearsnet.com/acc/faq_po.htm check out the pics there too..it is nice and small. We are meeting friends there and eating with them at 1900 Park Fare with Cinderella. And we will celebrate our 10th Anniversary there as well (Dec. 1st).

Does anyone want to join us for our Disney trips? And still have 2 more one is a surprise for Aviva and the other is to see my dad, his wife, aunt and uncle. The more the merrier. Or I am a good planner if you need help!


RNP said...

Oh the kids and I would love to join you--maybe one day when we can afford it. It sounds like a fabulous adventure and I am sure it will provide Aviva some amazing childhood memories.

I can't help you plan, I have never been there, but I hope that your trip is fabulous!!!

I also hope your headache goes away swiftly. How nice you have a good neighbor that could help. Maybe you could try an ice pack to the base of your neck. It always helps me a bit. I also try to lay flat on a surface like the floor, in a dark room, while placing the ice pack under my neck--usually within a half an hour I feel better. Unless it is one of my lingering migraines--of which I haven't had in two weeks (fingers crossed)...and I am not going to have one this week--sure I can convince myself.

Ok, so sorry for rambling. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday afternoon :)

Michelle said...

Hope you're feeling better from that headache!

Glad your plans are coming along great for the Disney trip! My father and brother are in FL - my brother keeps wanting to know when we're going to visit, because, you know they have Disney there LOL