Friday, September 15, 2006

My Aviva won an award in Kindergarten...

From Mondays to Thursdays Aviva's class does Literacy Centers, the students are grouped together (2 to 4 students to a group for the 8 centers). They do two a day.

Well, Aviva and her partner were working so well all week together and yesterday after they finished stamping words and drawing the picture for each word...they independently knew what to do. They mailed their teacher the work they did and then went on to the next activity without asking what to do. I happened to be in the class yesterday (volunteer on Thursdays), and the students were all asking what to do when done, where does the work go but Aviva and J knew exactly what to do and were neat. So after centers they were presented with the QUALITY WORK AWARD because of the work they did for the week. They both were so proud and I was one proud mama.

Aviva just loves getting up and going to kindergarten which makes it so easy for me. The other day I was ready to take her and our next neighbor (I watch their son on Tues. and Thurs) who has been taking her was not out yet, so when I told her I was going to take her she cried and cried (imagine that). So he came out and asked if he wanted me to take her so I said sure. The smile came on Aviva's face so fast. Aviva is growing up so fast. She is doing so well in class, but has to remember to raise her hand and not call out. And she came home with the cutest book called a keepsake book they get to keep. Even better, I place her first book order with Scholastic Books...bought to much, but can never have to many books.


Beth said...


(and I'm dreading the day when T starts to bring home the book order forms... all our money will be going there)

Michelle said...

Congrats on the award Aviva!! How very special that you were in class the day she got it too! WTG and keep up the good work!

Kayla's school had a scholastic book sale this week and I debated about going. They just had a scholastic book sale at the library over the summer and I got her a few books then, but I'm at the point where I think that yes, she actually DOES have too many books LOL I'm running out of room to put them anywhere :) I used to love getting the scholastic book flyer though and picking out books I wanted to order :)

Thank you so much for sponsoring us on our buddy really means a lot to me!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!! My youngest two love books. You are right, you can never have too many :)