Saturday, October 07, 2006


that is my sigh of relief that my research paper and powerpoint presentation on Making Sense of the World of Autism is finished and sent to the professor. But she has me a bit angry. Get an email this morning (mind you it is due this evening----online class) that she wants an abstract...OK fine just a paragraph but still. Then in the assignment dropbox says minimum 8 pages and in the syllabus says 6 to 8, I have 6 pages. I could not get anything else to write about. It is concise and to the point all meat and no fluff. In the assignment dropbox said can do a PP for 5 extra points and did not say that in the syllabus, but I did it better count.

A little disappointed with the professor this term. Oh well.

Just glad to say one more week of this class.

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