Sunday, October 15, 2006

Grains of Gratitude

Thanks to Christine at Brady's Bunch.......

1. That today is my last day of class and I have a week off before my next class begins.

2. Aviva is doing so well in school and has made many friends. They ask me when I am in class if Aviva can come on a playdate with them.

3. I am grateful that Spider has been home and is cleaning the house because he does such a better job then I do.

4. I am grateful for the time that I get to volunteer in Aviva's class and see how she interacts with her peers. And love to help out the other children as well.

5. I am grateful that my mind is working because I have become a weffriddles is very addicting but at least I am making headway.


mum2brady said...

Great list Dori! I love to hear that Aviva is doing so well in school and making so many good friends - yayyyyy!

Thanks for joining in - I always love to read everyone's lists :)

Michelle said...

It's wonderful to hear how great Aviva is doing in school and making so many friends!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list Dori.