Monday, October 23, 2006

This week at Aviva's school is....

RED RIBBON WEEK. So everyday for the week they have something special. Today is Put A Cap On Drugs, tomorrow is Shade out Drugs (sunglasses), Wednesday is Too Cool To Do Drugs (where red shirts and a dance team performs), Thursday is Hooked On Books Not Drugs (bring your favorite book) and Friday is Drugs Are Scary! Say Boo To Drugs!

Yes we are NY Mets fans and you can see she is wearing a Yankee cap...there is a reason and that is there were no Mets caps at Target yesterday!!! LOL!!

Here she is thinking about something but not sure!!

She is trying to watch her show on TV!!
I just love the smile she has here!!


M said...

It's Red Ribbon at our school, too -- today they get their ribbons, tomorrow is "Wear Red" Day, Wednesday is "Cap" drugs day, Thursday is sunglass day ("Too Cool for Drugs") and Friday is "Turn Your Back on Drugs" day with wearing clothes backwards. So neat to see how different districts "celebrate"!

Cathy said...

How neat! I have never heard of that before!

Michelle said...

What a neat week of school! She's gorgeous, but ummm....the hat? It's gotta go!! LOL