Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bizzare American Holidays,...it is funny...

I found this on my friend Het's blog...Bizarre American Holidays...so I looked up my birthday as well as Spider and Aviva's and our anniversary.

I am August 16th...Bratwurst Festival

Spider is September 23rd...Checkers Day and Dogs in Politics Day

Aviva is January 2nd...Run Up the Flagpole Day and See if Anyone Salutes It

Anniversary is December 1st...National Pie Day and Eat a Red Apple Day

So what holiday does your birthday or anniversary fall on? Post and let me know.


Lori said...

July 5 is . . . . . Workaholics Day!

How funny!

Michelle said...

How neat!

My bday: August 1 is . . . . . Friendship Day and National Raspberry Cream Pie Day (I'll take that!)

Kayla's: July 15 is . . . . National Tapioca Pudding Day and Respect Canada Day (how funny cause her and Joe like tapioca! - but how come the Canada day one is an "american holiday?")

Joe's: May 16 is . . . . Wear Purple For Peace Day (my favorite color!)

Our anniversary: September 16 is . . . . Stay Away From Seattle Day and Collect Rocks Day (huh? where do they come up with these things?!)

Crystal said...

My Dbay - April 29 is . . . . National Shrimp Scampi Day

Marc's - September 25 is . . . . National Comic Book Day (SO FITS HIM - he is a comic book geek)

A's -March 27 is . . . . National "Joe" Day

Anniversary - June 14 is . . . . Pop Goes The Weasel Day

Johanna92563 said...

My baby gir's birthday is
Cordova Ice Worm Day - what the heck is that?! So funny

Cathy said...

How appropriate..my birthday December 27 is National Fruitcake day!! LOL
Erich (March 4) is Holy Experiment Day.
Christian (April 23) is Read Me Day and World Labratory Animal day.
Erika (August 30) is National Toasted Marshmellow Day.
And my anniversary (May 15) is National Chocolate Chip Day.