Saturday, October 28, 2006

GRAINS of GRATITUDE for this week.

Again thanks to Christine..I have a way to look back at my week:

1. I am very thankful for the parent-teacher conference I had this week with Aviva's teacher. It made me very proud of Aviva. Hard to believe that she was born almost 2 1/2 months early and is doing so well.

2. I am thankful for the gorgeous week we had...I was able to take Aviva to the park for 4 days this week. We were there for hours each day and she had a blast. She told me at night how tired she was because of having so much fun at the park.

3. I was able to volunteer in Aviva's class and help out for the fall festival party they had. Aviva was very happy I was there to help.

4. I am thankful to Spider for being able to install the new vanity into our guest bathroom. It helps to have someone handy around the house.

5. Only one more week till we see my new niece and Aviva's cousin. Then we are on our way to Disney World (which Aviva has no clue about) and we will see my family.


Michelle said...

how nice to get a new vanity! Wonderful list!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful list. The kids and I are wondering if we can hide in one of your bags for your trip to Disney. :)