Thursday, October 26, 2006

AVIVA's First Parent Teacher Conference.....

Surprisingly I was clue why. Well they do conferences first in Kindergarten because report cards go out next week or so and to soon for kindergarteners. She began with phonemic awareness and understanding how print works..and Aviva tested above average in reading and did really well in the time testing they did. They are writing in sentences
and doing expository writing. I cannot believe the writing in sentences..but they do it in their journals. And spelling phoneticly. Aviva participates nicely she said and always has good ideas. And it seems we have a young spelling bee champion on our hands..loves to spell everything and is always willing to spell in class.

She understands concepts of number sense and number relationship, can problem solve and can explain and justify solutions and her answers.

She is doing great socially and will assert her self if needed. At times can be a bit bossy :)!

She has adjusted well and loves literature activities (takes after me) and is very enthusiastic about learning.

So she is doing great and a very happy child!!

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Michelle said...

what a great report! I don't know what you were worried about to begin with! :)