Tuesday, October 24, 2006

One YEAR ago today....

It is hard to believe a year ago we survived Hurricane Wilma…I remember how I was up very early. I defrosted meat and chicken since I had a feeling we would lose power. I was able to cook meatloaf and chicken and be finished by about 7 am. And at 8:15 we lost power…which lasted for 8 long days. Thankfully a few days after the hurricane it was cool out and not hot.

Aviva was a trooper during this time. We were outside most of the day and she played and played and rarely complained about not having TV. It was hard to feed her because she is so picky…we cooked out the grill for a few days and had good friends who we cooled with as well. I remember when we went to the mall about 4 days after the hurricane. Aviva was thrilled because she could get Burger King.

It was hard to be without power especially at night, because Spider worked the overnight the whole time. Even the day the hurricane hit Spider went it to work that night.

Even though we got power back after 8 days, we had not phone, cable or internet for almost a month. This made it hard because I was in school and actually had to go to the library or friends homes to do my research. We ran our cell phone minutes way high because of having no house phone.

But I had such good friends from across the country that sent us packages…of money, foods, snacks and presents for Aviva. And these were people I never even met. It really should me how much people care.

Here are some pictures of the damage:


Michelle said...

Wow look how big some of those trees were! I can't imagine living through something like that - and having no power for days afterward! How nice you had people taking care of you! It' great how people pull together in times like those.

Het said...

Wow - I have to say - I completely forgot about this. I'm so glad you all made it safe and sound. HUGS and I'm glad this year has been so much better!

Cathy said...

WOW a year already!!