Wednesday, October 11, 2006


don't you hear it? It is loud and sounds like a train goes through my bedroom when Spider is sleeping. He snores so bad and even worse when he is tired. Monday night he was home (no work due to Columbus Day---does overnights), and slept in our room. What a night...I fell asleep first...I woke up to those LOUD noises...I could not believe it....that was Spider snoring...I am surprised you did not hear it could have caused from the hour of 3 am to 4 am I pushed, nudged, hit and pushed him some more begging him to leave the room..telling him he is not fair and to not being a good husband...but to no avail just turned over to snore some more...then at about 3:55 am his phone rang...yup he did not hear it...I was pissed someone calling at that hour. So worked out for me....he got up and got out of bed...that was my opportunity to tell him he is not coming back to MY bed. And guess what it he went to the couch and I still heard him snoring but at least I had a about 2 hours and 40 minutes of good sleep.

Spider is very stubborn. Now Aviva has had 3 sleep studies, a diagnosis of Sleep Apnea (20 episodes an hour and her O2 rate dropped to the 70's during the episodes) had her adenoids out twice and survived. And that was all before 3 year of age...also had 2 had her tonsils adenoids (they grew back) out, tubes in and uvula trimmed. But my dear Spider will not even go to the ENT for it...A WIMP is what I say. He does not realize how this can truly affect him. But I told him that if he continues to snore he can sleep on the couch or as Aviva says....can we send him to the ZOO to sleep with the MONKEYS.


CurvyDiva said...

OMG - Sounds like my house. Some nights Dr Oracle sleeps in his office chair because he knows he will snore. I can still hear from the other room!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry he is such a snorer-

Curlydiva-I snore in my chair too...Ask my daughter! LOL....No rest for the weary in my home! DH, and I both snore!

Michelle said...

I can't believe he won't go to the ENT and especially after all Aviva has gone through LOL

Joe snores sometimes too, but luckily for me I just push him a little and tell him "you're snoring" and he rolls over to his side and it stops :)

Anonymous said...

I have had this experience in the past--I can honestly say I don't miss sharing my bedroom with a grizzly bear in deep hiabernation.

Yet, I must admit, that I have been a snorer for a few years now. So, if I were sharing my bedroom I would like be disturbing someone myself.

I used to own a pair of those earplugs you get for flight from the local pharmacy--those little foam ones. Maybe you could try those?