Thursday, December 14, 2006

DO you mind if I BRAG on Aviva?

This past week Aviva has been a SHINING STAR in school. She got an award for great work, wrote her first book report and now today for the big news.......she did FIRST GRADE reading work. I was in her class today volunteering in the art center and she was telling Aviva's reading group how proud she is of them. Since they were doing first grade work.

Her teacher explained Aviva has the reading down with fluency and accuracy now working on comprehension.

I am a PROUD mother this evening. Just knowing how far Aviva has come in a short 6 years.Just knowing how far Aviva has come in a short 6 years. Starting out as a preemie and going through 3 1/2 years of therapy and now at the top of her class.

And then today Aviva spent time in my room alone writing a story about our trip to Disney World. And most of the words were spelled correctly. She did well with hard ones Hotel-Hotle,
and sleep-slep.


Anonymous said...

What a girl, you have every reason to be proud! That is wonderful news.

Now, tell her to send some of those good learning vibes over here to Chandler, he isn't reading at all yet and just started soundng out words.

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

She would have a blast with your kids...and she is a good little teacher...I think I rubbed off a bit on her.

There are many kids in Aviva's class not reading. In Florida, do not need to read to go on to first grade.


Het said...

Rock on Viv!!!!

Michelle said...

You brag away!!!