Friday, December 29, 2006

SIX years ago today.....

I was visiting with my friend from NY enjoying the feeling of Aviva moving and then all of a sudden I started not to feel well. Maybe one or 2 contractions an hour. Spider had to come home from work (after only being there an hour).

So off we went to the ER (by doctor's orders). They could not find contractions...they said go home rest for a day or two probably just round ligament pains. I did not know any better, so off we went. Remember Aviva was not due till March and I was about 30 weeks or so. I was scared. I did not want a preemie.

I cannot believe that it was exactly 6 years ago.


Michelle said...

and look how far she's come! A beautiful little girl now!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Michelle, wow, Aviva has come a long way. She is so beautiful, and such a great girl.

Happy 6th birthday Aviva.