Sunday, December 03, 2006

Need some help to get rid of this cough...

I hav not slept well since Monday night. I cannot lay down because I start coughing. Have not been eating since it hurts to swallow... I have had milkshakes (makes my throat feel better) and some pudding. Heat does not help me cold does.

I just plain ole feel lousy and hate it.

I was suppose to volunteer at the book fair at Aviva's school this week but cancelled tomorrow and Tuesday. I have no energy. What I would do for a good night's sleep?

So f you have any ideas please let me know!!

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Michelle said...

Uugh! sorry you are feeling so sick and miserable! Do you think you might have strep throat since it hurts so much? Maybe go soak in a nice warm bath and let the same help break up the mucous. Hope you are feeling better soon!