Thursday, December 21, 2006

I am still sick......after almost a month...

and it certainly stinks...was feeling better just had a dry cough. Now all congested, coughing and right ear feels clogged. Stinks to be in the bind we are in financially. Stress does not help either. Cannot get to the doctor. Life sucks sometimes.

I have not slept again the past few days. And just tired. Tired of being sick, tired of the finance and just plain old tired. What I would do for a break from everything going on right now!

Today school is out at noon and then off till January 9th.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am sorry to hear you are still feeling so icky. I sure hope that you feel better soon. Hugs.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear you are still sick! Have you been to the doctor?

I understand what you mean about being out of school for so long. Kayla's last day was Tues and they don't go back till the 8th. Bascially 2.5 wks! What am I going to do?! LOL