Saturday, December 02, 2006

We are back from Disney....

we made it home yesterday late afternoon. Had a good time...met up with friends in different rained a bit every day and was warm.

But unfortunately I got sick late Tuesday night with a cough,cold and fever and barely slept since then and I still feel horrible.

But Aviva had a great time and went to MK with daddy alone and even saw Beyonce filming something for the parade that airs on Christmas. When we were leaving yesterday Aviva was so cute...she said "I am very sad, we are leaving Disney." Little does she know that I am taking her for her 6th birthday!!

Have to upload the pictures and see how the video clips came out but will do that tomorrow.

Oh and yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary!!


Michelle said...

Welcome back! and happy 10th anniversary to you both - what a magical celebration!

Barbara/tiggergrams said...

Hi Dori, pics look great. It was so nice meeting you and your lovely family. I hope you had a good time as well. Thank you so much for everything and we'll see you again soon. Maybe for Aviva's birthday.