Monday, December 11, 2006

Guess what Aviva did tonight?

She had to read a book for class (her teacher sent it home). And she came home with a paper but did not say exactly what to do. So we wrote her name, date, author and title( filled in the areas). Then Aviva decided she wanted to do a book report. So she came up with the sentences about the book and wrote her very own book report. I just helped her with the spelling. She loved doing it and asked if we can do more. She said it was like writing an expository essay.

I cannot believe in Kindergarten she wrote a book report and it was a paragraph. I am so very proud of her.
Here is a copy of her book report, not the best print but you get the idea.


Rebecca said...

Wow!!!! What a wonderful, beautiful paragraph. My Cj is just now writing his full name. He knows all of the letters, but isn't at Aviva's stage at all yet.

Way to go Aviva!!!

Michelle said...

Great job Aviva! That is so impressive that she did this book report - you should be so proud!