Thursday, December 28, 2006

What a WEEK it has been.....

and it is not even over yet. My Jeep is still not working....Spider needs more time to work on it and his friend is going to help him out. Spider has been working lots of OT this week and having one car is not fun.

Yesterday while driving home for a bit of sleep before going in for OT his car died in Miami and had to get it towed home. We have AAA but just for short distances......well, this was not one of those. It cost us $88 which we did not have but came up with it. It was highway robbery.

Aviva and I have been home together now since Tuesday without a break from each other. My break comes tomorrow. When I have some errands to run and think will use my Barnes and Noble gift card for some alone time. And to find a good book....I love to read.

I am still sick but better. Still coughing and my right side is clogged up but slept better last night but still up 3 times a night.

Now on to planning what to do on Tuesday to make Aviva's birthday special. Hard to believe my baby will be six years old.

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Michelle said...

Oh my this sure has been quite a week for you! Hoping next week calms down and isn't so stressful!