Tuesday, January 09, 2007

BACK to school...

finally. Never thought this day would come.

Last night Aviva would not go to sleep. Mommy I like football, our time is in blue, right? They are winning right? I said Aviva yes but that is enough time to sleep you have school tomorrow. But mommy our team is winning. Yes the Gators are winning but no more talking. Finally at about 9 pm heard some snoring....what a delightful sound.

I thought for sure she would be hard to get up since we have not seen the hour of 6:45 am in a very long time.

Got her up and she went and did her thing and got dressed without complaining or whining...,.,big surprise.

And then took care of other things and off she went to our neighbor so happy.

She came home having a great day. She was non-stop talking.

Aviva had small progress report...she knows all her letters and sounds and all her high frequency words. Which I knew since she is reading much better. I was very proud of her.

Tonight Aviva was asleep by 8:40 so making progress!!!

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Michelle said...

glad to hear she had such a great day back at school! Just in time for Monday to be a holiday though :)