Monday, January 08, 2007

DO you hear that?

Listen you hear anything now????????????????????????????

Yes that is quiet!!!! No one is home but me, just me alone at last. It is the last day of vacation for Aviva and I am finally alone!!!

Spider took Aviva to Chuck E Cheese.....I do NOT go me a BIG headache. He promised he take her yesterday but things came up.

SO I am enjoying the quiet.....the dinner is cooking in the oven, laundry is folded and I already packed Aviva's snack and lunch for tomorrow!! Feels good to just have nothing to do.

Just gonna sit back and relax and hope it does not end to soon!


Michelle said...

It's always nice to have some alone time! How nice that Spider took Aviva out to give you some peace and quiet!

mum2brady said...

Ohhh - I love that sound :) Hope you got to enjoy some quality time by yourself :)