Thursday, January 25, 2007

A BRAG on Aviva about reading...

Aviva started the Acclerated Reader program today and was the first in her class to do it.

She read an easy book..The Very Hungry Catepillar...and we and she would answer questions I asked her.

Today she had to read the questions and answerthem. If there was a problem I could read the questionto her.

It was 5 questions and she knew the answers without seeing the choices. So she got 5/5. SO she earns points to earn prizes.

Her teacher in told Aviva how proud she was of her and she did a great job. So we will pick a new book to start this weekend.


The Preemie Experiment said...

Way to go Aviva!

Our daughter has been doing AR too. She started at the begining of the school year. She met her end of the year goal before we were 1/2 way through the year! She is on her way to doubling her points so she can get an extra treat!

Michelle said...

what a great brag on Aviva! She's doing so well and you should be so proud!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

Thanks...I am so glad Aviva loves to read. Because I do and want to share that with her.


jennifer said...

What terrific news! Congratulations!